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Building online presences for small medium and large sized companies
Since 1998.

Photo of William Seiter
William started working with computers, doing basic programming and playing around at the young age of 12 when his father gave in to his constant barrage of determined requests and brought home his first computer from the store.

William's Dad may have been concerned about his son's interests in something so 'foreign' to him at the time, but he was soon encouraged when not only did William provide direct results of what he could do with the computer (creating games mainly for himself and his friends to play), but he was also excited when he took interest in sports in High School as well.

Ever since getting this new computer it has been a love/hate relationship (mostly love) that has lasted over a few decades. The constant flow of love for the language, the concept and the apparent simplicity of how things worked always overcame the occassional dread and despair of something temporarily not working the way that it should. This relationship has always fed into William's early motto in business web development "It's not whether or not we can do something on the web or not, but rather should we". The meaning being just because I can do something that looks cool, doesn't mean it will help sales or encourage clients to do anything.

Since 1998, when William began helping small medium and large sized business with their online presence, many companies have received his help

Since then, William has turned his love of programming into a very effective tool to assist companies to get the exposure and connect with the customers that they want and need on the internet.

He's worked with:
DVD Sales Web Sites
Online product sales as well as internal tracking systems
Online Streaming
Using Digital Rights Management to protect the company as well as the manufacturer from illegal copies
Billboard Web Sites
A site that simply states what a company does, but offers little to no opportunities to purchase through the site itself
Online Dating
Websites dedicated to connecting people looking for mutual attractions on the internet
Education and training with tracking
Websites that teach through videos, pictures and text, using a login to track scores and progress
Online Social Communities
Websites like Facebook and MySpace
Internet based Video Chat
Video Conference Calling and personal chat systems
Online process tracking
Websites that track the progression of an item through a series of steps based upon the results of the previous steps

William is also a proud father of a talented and intelligent son

William is also is a lover of outside activities like hiking and biking.

Photo of William with his son Rowan

William Seiter currently resides with his son in Southern California